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Chapter 2152 - Clash of Divine Techniques quickest crowded

Blind Tie required one step forwards, as well as shadow in the Gold-winged Huge Peng Pet bird shattered and considered particles. A domineering divine could erupted from Sightless Tie’s system. Myriads of mild pillars descended in the heavens. Divine happening similarly had condition behind Sightless Tie up. A towering conflict G.o.d stood unfazed, using a divine hammer in the fingers. The war G.o.d shone as vibrantly since the heavens and world and emanated a menacing atmosphere.

The skies trembled violently. An astonis.h.i.+ng wave distributed. Nonetheless, Muyun Lan’s figure experienced already faded. He made an appearance loaded with the skies. Covered in divine halos, he was still peering downward at Blind Tie up down below.


Gold divine wings distributed and clogged out the direct sun light. With a very long screech, Muyun Lan’s figure dashed up within the atmosphere. He without delay has become a part of it, learning to be a divine Fantastic-winged Enormous Peng Bird. This Wonderful-winged Large Peng Parrot obtained the facial area associated with a male nevertheless the body of an pet bird. Its wings clogged the skies, and it is gaze pierced the s.p.a.ce as it stared downward at Sightless Tie.

Even so, Blind Tie’s divine hammer actually swiftly made a transform and chased after its rival, causing behind afterimages. A thundering rumble sounded because the divine hammer and the Great-winged Massive Peng Bird crisscrossed during the heavens.

On the atmosphere previously, the heavens and earth roared as their conditions clashed against the other person. Never-ending streaming lightweight wiped out and disintegrated all the things around them. The s.p.a.ce was frenziedly blown away from each other. A harmful hurricane was swept up, sweeping downward directly below. It created many Renhuangs to release the strength of the truly amazing Approach to guard their own bodies.

As Muyun Lan waved his hands, the countless beams of light right away photo onward. It turned out almost like the end of the world experienced appeared.

Which has a loud bang, the gale stirred up via the divine hammer forced the Gold-winged Giant Peng Bird backward. At the same time, a menacing paradise-slaying lighting slashed down and still left a indicate on your body of the battle G.o.d.

Sightless Tie up also noticed threatened. His body combined along with the physique from the war G.o.d since he turned into a legitimate battle G.o.d. He extensive his arm, and never-ending divine halos accumulated, creating the Divine Hammer in the Protector. Streaks of divine halos draped on his entire body coming from the heavens previously. He emanated a steadfast electrical power. This electrical power became gradually more robust, as if the may possibly of heaven was coalescing within his body.

Observing the relentless strikes, Muyun Lan’s manifestation appeared unaffected. His sight were relaxed as well as at alleviate when he long his fingers. From the sky earlier mentioned, countless beams of light picture out of the amazing design. Each individual Gold-winged Large Peng Parrot seemed to become a fantastic, unbreakable blade.

Muyun Lan flapped the divine wings on his backside. He promptly became a light beam that golf shot up even more in the atmosphere, vanishing from his genuine area.

The Divine Hammer on the Guard could restrain all chaos in a very divine country. It absolutely was an absolute, unrivaled electrical power. It may possibly also crush the sky.


As soon as the warfare G.o.d elevated his forearms to golf swing the divine hammer, an intense rumble reverberated from the sky. The Great Direction on the heavens appeared to be crumbling frenziedly. All of the strikes that have been targeted at the battle G.o.d might be demolished. No potential of your Fantastic Route would come near to his body.

Sensing the battle intention emanating from Blind Tie up, Muyun Lan dashed up large into your sky. His fantastic gaze golf shot down down below since he stared at Blind Fasten and explained, “If that is the situation, then allow me to observe how very much you might have advanced since returning to the small town.”

This is basically the Gold Roc Heaven Slayer Technique, Ye Futian believed to himself as he considered the struggle previously mentioned. When dealing with such a Art work of Supreme Infiltration, other than some enormous amounts, few men could withstand it.

Even though Blind Tie couldn’t see something, his sensory faculties were pretty razor-sharp. A fantastic light pillar came out and enveloped his human body. The shadow in the Great-winged Enormous Peng Bird crashed into the light pillar, causing fractures to make. Having said that, the shadow on the Fantastic-winged Enormous Peng Parrot couldn’t burst via the mild pillar. Evidently, its episode was still with a lack of energy.



When each of them clashed yet again, the competition beneath noticed like a Golden-winged Gigantic Peng Parrot Demon G.o.d plus a warfare G.o.d were battling. Each of them unleashed strikes that comprised unmatched potential. The Gold-winged Enormous Peng Parrot had peerless velocity while Blind Tie up got immovable sturdiness.

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Viewing the persistent episodes, Muyun Lan’s expression seemed unaffected. His vision were relax and also relieve since he lengthy his fingers. In the sky earlier mentioned, countless beams of gentle photo right out of the brilliant style. Each one Fantastic-winged Gigantic Peng Bird looked in becoming a fantastic, indestructible blade.

When Muyun Shu observed that his elder sibling could not take down Blind Tie up, his concept evolved a little. This blind gentleman got never revealed his abilities in the village. Lots of people believed he had been crippled and may will no longer cultivate. They never dreamed of that he was actually still so outstanding along with even produced more efficient.

“Elder Sister-in-regulation, is it possible to help me to destroy him?” Muyun Shu required Nanhai Qianxue, who has been beside him. Nanhai Qianxue seemed to be a well known and well-known figure. She was the Pleased Little princess of Heaven on the Nanhai Friends and family. Her capabilities were definitely amazing she experienced a faultless Good Way and had already attained 7th-tier farming.

Amidst the divine occurrence, plenty of illusory amounts of Blind Tie can be seen. Every single illusory shape radiated a great halo and kept a divine hammer. During this section of the heavens, Blind Fasten was the complete ruler.

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Blind Fasten confronted his opponent, in which he heightened his mind a little. Even if he couldn’t see that which was occurring, an unparalleled divine halo burst open forth from his entire body. His body system did actually have merged into one while using combat G.o.d behind him as each of them were actually unleas.h.i.+ng divine haloes. Blind Tie removed his left arm high up, along with the battle G.o.d put into practice accommodate. Then he swung his arm and smashed the divine hammer down.

Blind Fasten could not see all this, but he still waved the divine hammer about solemnly. Close to him, it was subsequently like different illusions shown up. When he swung the Divine Hammer with the Protector, the heavens as well as the globe rumbled, along with a substantial energy pressed down on this a part of the sky.


Sightless Fasten experienced remained within the town for several years. He had always been smithing. Despite the fact that he failed to rely on his farming, his strategy was significantly more effective. His Divine Hammer from the Protector was all the more enhanced and flawless.

Blind Tie’s illusory amounts still maintained waving about the wonderful divine hammers. Nonetheless, the limitless beams of lightweight kept shredding and shattering his illusions and extended to go down, charging towards Sightless Tie.

As soon as the war G.o.d raised his arms to golf swing the divine hammer, an intense rumble reverberated within the heavens. The Good Route of the heavens seemed to be crumbling frenziedly. All the assaults that had been created for the warfare G.o.d could well be destroyed. No strength from the Terrific Direction would come near his physique.

Ye Futian seen the battlefield and understood so it was practically difficult for Muyun Lan to shake Blind Tie. Despite the fact that Blind Tie up could not see, he grew to become even calmer and st.u.r.dier. He stood there as an immovable deity. His cultivation Jet was slightly bigger than that of Muyun Lan.

“Elder Sibling-in-regulation, could you help me to destroy him?” Muyun Shu requested Nanhai Qianxue, who had been beside him. Nanhai Qianxue seemed to be a prominent and well-known physique. She was the Happy Girl of Paradise of the Nanhai Loved ones. Her proficiency had been extraordinary she had a perfect Great Path and had already arrived at 7th-level cultivation.